Digital lecture Prof. Rowan Dorin, 'Preachers, Crowds, and the Problem of Pentecost in the Late Middle Ages'

25-09-2020 from 16:00 to 17:30
Digital: MS Teams group
Stefan Meysman
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Sixth meeting of 'Somewhere beyond the sea', the Belgo-British Network for Medieval Urban History

For the sixth meeting of 'Somewhere beyond the sea', the Belgo-British Digital Research Network for Medieval Urban History, we have the pleasure of hosting Prof. dr. Rowan Dorin (Stanford University, USA) who will speak on 'Preachers, Crowds, and the Problem of Pentecost in the Late Middle Ages'.

Rowan Dorin (PhD Harvard University, 2015) is an assistant professor of history at Stanford University. He is a historian of western Europe and the Mediterranean, primarily during the high and late Middle Ages. In his research, he tries to understand how law and society interact with each other, especially where legal norms conflict with social practices.  Prof. Dorin also works on medieval economic life and thought, especially debates over usury and moneylending. His current book project (Conflicts of Interest: Money and Mass Expulsion in Late Medieval Europe) uses the banishment of Jewish and Christian moneylenders to explore the rise of mass expulsion as a widespread practice in the later Middle Ages.

The digital sessions are free and open to all. Get in touch with the coordinator if you want to join: .

Somewhere beyond the sea is an initiative of the Henri Pirenne Institute for Medieval Studies at Ghent University and the School of History at Queen Mary University London (Prof. Miri Rubin).