Source Seminar: Jean Froissart’s Book I: genesis, sources, chronology

26-04-2018 from 14:00 to 17:00
Ghent, UFo building (meeting room archeology, first floor). Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 35
Stefan Meysman
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The 2019 HPIMS source seminar on the Chronicle of Jean Froissart (14th - beginning of the 15th century)

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This source seminar will familiarise participants with the complex textual history of Jean Froissart’s Chronicles so that they will be able to use this important text as a historical source in their own research and to critically assess work by other scholars that uses Froissart as a source. Participants will be introduced to the main published scholarship on the textual development of Froissart’s Chronicles and study some selected passages related to Flanders. This will allow them to test for themselves the validity of claims previous generations of scholars have made. The comparative textual analysis will be supported by available digital tools and resources.

The seminar will be led by Prof. Jan Dumolyn (Ghent University) and Prof. Godfried Croenen (University of Liverpool).

You can find all info regarding registration and preparation here.