"Party like it's 1468". Workshop for children on medieval feasting (WOOOW Science Festival)

26-11-2017 from 10:00 to 11:15
Ghent, MIAT
Stefan Meysman
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Kinderworkshop 1468The Pirenne Institute invites children (age 10 -12) to join the WOOOW Science Festival on Sunday 26th November (10:00 - 11:15 at MIAT) where we organise a fun workshop on 'Feasting in the Middle Ages'. Think exciting stories, medieval food and a bit of crafting.

Imagine that a prince and princess are getting married and that they visit the city to have their wedding party... More than 500 years ago, this would have been the occasion for a 10-day feast. In this workshop we will tell you about one of the largest parties ever organised in Flanders, the marriage of Duke Charles and the English princess Margaret. This feast was celebrated in the Summer of 1468 in Bruges. It must have been quite a party, since it is still remembered every five years with the Parade of the Golden Tree.

How do we know this all happened? You will find out at our workshop!

What will we do? We'll taste some medieval food and drinks while listening to medieval music, learn about parades and tournaments, and take a look at festive clothing and costumes. Together we will find out why large parties and spectacles were so important in a time when there were no magazines, tv's or computers. In the end you'll have the chance to create your own coat of arms, so everyone remembers that you were at our medieval party. Cheers!

Please note that the workshop will be in Dutch! It will take place in Ghent, MIAT. There are still a few places left. You can register here.