Registration for the Autumn School 2018: Medieval Philosophy (16-19 October, Ghent)

(05-07-2018) Opening of registration and preliminary programme of the Pirenne AS 2018

The Autumn School 2018 aims to give an overview of the philosophical problems, concepts, and debates that are specific to the Middle Ages. Equal attention will be paid to three cultural areas: the Latin West, Byzantium, and the Islamicate world. Hence, the intercultural exchange of philosophical ideas will be an important focus throughout the course. Also, the course will develop insights into the thorny relationships of philosophy with religion in the Middle Ages, and will discuss relationships between philosophy and literature, science, and art. Moreover, time will be devoted to a specifically medieval problem in philosophy, namely the relationship between commenting texts of ancient authorities and developing independent ideas.

The Autumn School consists of four days, 16th-19th of October, during which participants will be able to combine plenary sessions with interactive workshops. All sessions will be taught in English by leading experts in the field of medieval Latin philosophy, Byzantine philosophy and Islamicate philosophy. The event will take place in Ghent.

The AS is organised by the Henri Pirenne Institute for Medieval Studies at Ghent University and co-funded by the Doctoral Schools of Arts, Humanities and Law, the educational project Internationalisation@Home and The Dutch Research School for Medieval Studies.

The application deadline is 20 September 2018 and there is a maximum of 20 participants. For more information or practical questions, please contact the AS coordinator, .

You can find the brochure with the updated programme and short overview of practicalities attached to this message (related item).