Cfp Conference 'Ad Brudgias Portum: Bruges' medieval port system as a maritime cultural landscape' (Oct. 2018)

(08-05-2018) Call for papers for an international conference on the medieval port system of Bruges

24-26 October 2018, Ghent University and Raakvlak (Archaeological Department of the city of Bruges) organise an international conference that centres around medieval harbour hubs as gateways for goods, people and thoughts. Bruges’ maritime cultural landscape will be the guideline for these three days of medieval maritime connectivity.

With this international symposium the organisers wish to present recent research on the medieval harbour landscape of Bruges to a wider scientific audience, but foremost they aim to frame the Bruges’ project into a wider, international maritime context of interdisciplinary research on maritime cultural port-landscapes.

Confirmed keynote speakers include: Prof. dr. Christer Westerdahl (Norway), Prof. dr. Ben Jervis (United Kingdom), Dr. Adrie De Kraker (The Netherlands) and Bieke Hillewaert (Belgium).

The organisers have opened the call for papers. They are specifically looking for papers on

  • Tidal river trade hubs
  • Medieval harbour infrastructure
  • Material culture of harbour societies
  • International networks
  • Commodity flows

Abstracts (max. 250 words) can be submitted to before July 1st, 2018.