Medieval archeologist and bio-engineers revive ancient Menapian boar breed

Wim De Clercq & Hendrik Dierendonck on 'Van Gils & Gasten' (large view)

Wim De Clercq & Hendrik Dierendonck on 'Van Gils & Gasten'

(14-03-2018) Medieval archeologist prof. Wim De Clercq and bio-engineers of Ghent University have managed to revive a 2000-year old boar breed.

On Wednesday, 7th of March medieval archaeologist Prof. Wim De Clercq was on the ‘Van Gils en Gasten’ tv talkshow to explain the highly mediatised and award-winning project of reviving an ancient Menapian boar breed within its original late antique and early medieval living environment. De Clercq, together with a team of bio-engineers of Ghent University and farmer Ruben Brabant (AGS) have managed to revive and raise a 2000-year old type of boar through regressive breeding ('breeding back'). Apart from the revival of the boar itself, the team is researching the reconstruction of the original living environment, the fauna of which obviously had a major impact on the diet of these animals.

There are currently over 300 specimens in Flanders and the team is now bringing the meat to the market through a partnership with specialty butcher Dierendonck.

You can see the episode here.

Media coverage

The VLAIO -funded project of the Menapian boar breed has received massive media coverage. Below you can find just a couple of examples (Dutch).

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