Relaunch Medieval Seminar Series Lunch Lectures

(25-11-2022) Launch of the 2022-2023 cycle of interdisciplinary lunch lectures by pre- and postdoc researchers

The HPIMS relaunches its interdisciplinary pre- and postdoc lunch lectures with four sessions in the academic year 2022-2023. We provide accessible opportunities for pre- and postdoc colleagues to present their work and collect constructive feedback. Sessions typically take place at lunch time (though after 12.30 for those who like to eat beforehand), take max. 1,5 hours and feature one or two researchers. Papers can be in Dutch, French or English. For questions and debates the language is adapted to both speaker and audience. Debates need to be constructive and will be guided by a regular moderator.

We feel it is vital to get to know your colleagues, learn about each other’s research and keep building our scholarly community!

Programme (AY 2022-2023)

THURSDAY 8 DECEMBER 2022 (12.30 - 13.30) - Campus Rommelaere (Aud 1, Building A/E/D) 
Dr. John Latham-Sprinkle (History), 'Re-Integrating the Caucasus. The Northwest Caucasus, the Golden Horde, and the Transformation of the Mediterranean Slave Trade, 1360 1400'

FRIDAY 17 FEBRUARY 2023 (12.3O - max. 14.00) - Blandijn Building (Lecture Room 'Camelot')
Giorgia Nicosia (History & Literary Studies), 'Excerpting and Edifying An Overview of Syriac Historiographical Miaphysite Florilegia'
Lennert Lapeere (Archaeology), 'Houtskeletbouw in de laatmiddeleeuwse Lage Landen'

FRIDAY 21 APRIL 2023 (12.3O - max. 14.00) - Blandijn Building (Lecture Room 'Camelot')
Anke Lenssens (Comparative Languages Cultures Slavic Studies), 'Freising en de Slaven onder bisschop Abraham Een op tekst gebaseerde benadering van christelijke missie en pastorale zorg onder de Karantanen in de tiende eeuw
Catherine Rosbrook (History) 'Sordium exteriorum attactum. Attempts to Distinguish Monastic Space in Tenth Century Lotharingia'

FRIDAY 26 MAY 2023 (12.3O - max. 14.00) - Blandijn Building (Lecture Room 'Camelot')
Nina Vanhoutte (Literary Studies: Greek Literature), 'The Didactic Poems on Grammar of Niketas of Herakleia A Philological Socio-Literary Study'
Giacomo Bucci (Linguistics: Ancient Germanic Languages), 'Hic sunt teutones. The Germanic Linguistic Traces in the Pre Historic Baltic Area'

¨Poster with full programme to download here!