Two PhD positions at ERC 'Novel Echoes' project

(17-06-2019) Literary Department (Greek section) at Ghent University is looking for 2 PhD researchers (Late Antique, Early Medieval period)

Two fully-funded and full-time doctoral research fellowships for the ERC Consolidator Grant project Novel Echoes. Ancient novelistic receptions and concepts of fiction in late antique and medieval secular narrative from East to West (Department of Literary Studies, Ghent University, prof. Koen De Temmerman).

  • Position 1: Afterlives of one ancient novel (Latin or Greek) throughout Late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages (e.g. in late antique epic, letter collections and/or historiography);
  • Position 2: Receptions of ancient fiction in the 10th century.

You can find all info about the positions and the project here.

Deadline for application is 15th August 2019.