Dr Ingrid Geelen (LW17) passes PhD Defense on Flemish Sculpture in the Era of Van Eyck


Congratulations to Ingrid Geelen (LW17 and Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage) who, on April 21st, successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled "Ongekende glorie: Beeldhouwkunst in Vlaanderen ten tijde van Van Eyck”. She is now Doctor in Art Studies.

This thesis offers an insight into sculpture in Flanders at the time of Jan Van Eyck, a period in which urbanisation and the accumulation of wealth in the cities fostered the development of a flourishing artistic life and a stable, diversified art market. Its key questions, inspired by socio-cultural studies, are related to the production, meaning and function of sculpture in the Later Middle Ages. The thesis also contains a catalogue (part II) with detailed analyses of forty artworks.