Visiting researchers to work on monastic leadership and publication practices


The Henri Pirenne Institute for Medieval Studies welcomes two visiting researchers this month:

Monastic Leadership

Dr Benjamin Pohl (University of Cambridge) will be working with the research group Religion and Society in the Early and Central Middle Ages (RESOMA) from February to September on a FWO founded research project:

Monastic leadership in the post-charismatic age: constructing a new paradigm for the study of reforms before the emergence of the great Orders (Western Europe, tenth-early twelfth centuries). Dr. Pohl will be working with Prof. Steven Vanderputten.

Publication Practices

Dr Leah Tether (Anglia Ruskin University) will spend February-April in the department of Medieval History working on her project Publishing the Grail in Medieval Europe.

This project will analyse the developing ‘publication practices’ associated with Grail texts produced in northern Europe within the period c. 1200-1530. Dr. Tether will collaborate with Prof. Jan Dumolyn during her stay.


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