About Power-Link

The energy knowledge platform Power-Link is is a joint initiative of Ghent University and the Port of Ostend, founded in 2006 and located at Ostend Science Park in the inner port of Ostend. Within Ghent University, Power-Link plays an important role in the development of knowledge in the field of renewable and sustainable energy (RSE) in Flanders and beyond, by promoting the cooperation between research institutes, businesses and government, and acts as the signboard of Ghent University in the province of West-Flanders.

Power-Link brings together energy expertise from all competent research groups at Ghent University and other (knowledge) institutions. This expertise serves educative, demonstrative and investment projects in the science park and beyond. Actual and past projects focus on wind energy, offshore renewables, alternative fuels and tank facilities, the hydrogen economy, smart tech in grid applications, etc.
Knowledge domains

In particular, the focus is on energy efficiency, renewable energy (on a large and small scale), (electric and thermal) energy systems, blue energy (i.e. offshore energy production) and monitoring of energy production units.


Power-Link actively meets a need by initiating, guiding and supporting scientific research on sustainable and renewable energy. Hence, Power-Link stimulates innovation in the renewable energy sector by introducing companies with research questions and researchers with valorisation demand to each other. Power-Link has a long track-record in cross-border project management and dissemination of this energy expertise (knowledge) and innovation (ideas) in a structured way to a broad group of actors (both supply and demand side).


In order to obtain a maximum outreach for its activities and a coordinated effort for the promotion of sustainable and renewable energy, Ghent University/Power-Link joins forces with organizations targeting the same objectives.