Activities & Knowledge Domains

Knowledge Domains

Power-Link offers administrative support to scientific research projects, implements demonstrative and educative projects and exploits research infrastructure. Topics that are covered are, among others:

  • energy efficiency, e.g. residual heat recovery
  • small and medium wind turbines
  • the transition to a low carbon economy & technologies
  • blue energy (offshore wind, wave and tide energy)
  • energy management systems
  • regulation and management of electrical power systems, such as Demand Side Management and Virtual Power Plants
  • etc.


Research projects


Power-Link plays a supporting role in research projects; the research itself is done by the involved (Ghent University) research groups.

This role can vary according to the project. For instance, aid can be provided with the writing of the application, the introduction of partners, and, during the project, the administrative coordination and the reporting to the financial institution.

Power-Link has experience with different financing channels on Flemish, federal and European level.

Dissemination and communication

Apart from the coordination, Ghent University Power-Link can as well provide the communication and the dissemination of research results to enlarge the impact of research projects.

Educative and social projects

Power-Link participates as well in projects with educative and/or social purposes, such as projects to sensitize individuals, companies and governments or for the implementation of (existing) technologies for energy saving and reduction of CO2 emission.

Networking activities

One of the goals of Ghent University Power-Link is to actually link all energy actors, i.e. companies (mostly SMEs) with a research question, researchers with a valorization question, policy makers and (end)users, the so-called quadruple helix.