Seminar | Polymers & composites in thermal engineering: dream or nightmare?

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Studenten, Medewerkers, Bedrijven
30-05-2017 van 15:00 tot 18:00
Ghent University, Tech Lane Ghent Science Park – Campus A, Building 915 B-9052 Zwijnaarde, Belgium Lokaal 1.1 (first floor)
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Ghent University
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The event is a real must attend for

  • Companies facing challenges with respect to fouling and corrosion of their heat exchangers

  • Companies active in the polymer processing industry looking for new applications for their products

  • Machine constructors faced with the challenge of cooling their machine components

  • Academics active in polymer processing, composite materials, heat transfer, energy recovery


  • You will learn about the added value and challenges when composite/polymer materials are used in thermal applications, like heat exchangers, thermal storage, cooling, etc.
  • Interesting cases in the field from CBgroep, HeatMatrixAtlas Copco and Parker.


  • 15h00 Registration & Welcome coffee
  • 15h30 Composite/polymer heat exchangers for agro applications -  Stijn Crombez, Zaakvoorder, CBgroep
  • 15h50 Waste heat recovery with polymer air preheaters -  Robert Sakko, Director Technology, HeatMatrix Group BV (NL)
  • 16h10 The challenges of using polymer materials in compressors - Karen Mariën, Technology Engineer Polymers & Composites, Atlas Copco
  • 16h30 The use of fluorpolymers in demanding (high temperature, corrosive, dynamic,...) applications - Dieter Decoster, Innovation Engineer, Parker
  • 16h50 Network reception

Free event & registration

The seminar on Tuesday 30th May 2017 is a free event in the framework of the COMPOHEX project. Registration is obligatory by Thursday 25 May 2017 via this link:


More information

Prof. dr. ir. Michel De Paepe, project promotor - T +32 9 264 32 94 - E
Veerle Willaert, communication manager - T +32 59 24 27 45 - E

COMPOHEX is a strategic basic research project funded by VLAIO. It aims at studying the potential of polymer/composite materials for heat exchangers and developing innovative composite heat exchangers. More information about this project on