CCN meeting | Laura Astolfi, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

08-02-2018 from 15:00 to 16:00
Henri Dunantlaan 2, room 4.2 (4B)
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EEG hyperscanning and multiple-subject modeling

Hyperscanning, or multiple-subject recording, enables the simultaneous collection of brain activity in different subjects during a social exchange. The group of interacting subjects is thus modeled as a complex system, in which the internal structure of each subject’s brain activation is studied together with the relation arising between the different parts of the system, i.e. the different subjects’ brains. The consequent multiple-subject modeling has opened a new avenue in social cognitive neuroscience, with an impact on physiological as well as on pathological conditions, but at the same time it has raised methodological and modeling challenges which are among the most interesting opportunities in neuroscience methods development. In this talk, the theoretical framework justifying the need for simultaneous recording and multivariate modeling of multiple subjects’ data will be discussed, together with some examples of multi-subject models related to collaboration, joint action and empathic pro-social behavior, obtained by high density EEG and source reconstruction techniques.