CCN meeting | Cameron Brick (Churchill College Cambridge, UK)

10-02-2020 from 13:00 to 14:00
Henri Dunantlaan 2, room 4.2
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Individual and contextual influences on pro-environmental behavior

We are witnessing a global upswing in civil disobedience, and a surprising range of psychology subdisciplines are engaging with the climate crisis. I study the tension between selfish and prosocial behaviors, which is useful for testing social influence theories and for mitigating shared dilemmas like the climate crisis. I will present several studies predicting pro-environmental behavior from individual and contextual factors. For example, many accounts suggest that individuals act more prosocially when being watched. However, these previous observability studies mostly relied on artificial manipulations (e.g., 'watching eyes' posters). We use a new laboratory procedure of repeated environmental dilemmas to test whether the presence of actual observers would affect costly prosocial behavior. I will also present research focused on social identities and explicit and implicit measures. Next, I will show public opinion data and an online experiment on representative UK samples reacting to the civil disobedience actions of climate activists. Finally, I will present a new resource for free, open psychological datasets. The slides are freely available at