CCN meeting | Steve Fleming (University College London, UK)

25-02-2021 from 15:00 to 16:00

Metacognition, confidence and changes of mind

Changes of mind are ubiquitous but often unobservable, such as a sudden realisation that a mistake has been made, or that a change of opinion is warranted. Conversely, failing to change our minds may have pervasive consequences including cognitive inflexibility and adherence to extreme beliefs. In my talk I will describe recent experiments that manipulate post-decisional information to study changes of mind, and investigate the role of metacognition (decision confidence) on this process. By combining MEG decoding techniques with behavioural modeling we have discovered that confidence leads to a striking modulation of post-decisional processing, such that after high confidence decisions integration of confirmatory evidence is amplified while disconfirmatory evidence is abolished. I will suggest that alterations in these core computations may contribute to a broader cognitive inflexibility, and suggest how metacognitive training may provide a promising route towards promoting open-mindedness.