CCN meeting | Roman Osinsky (University of Osnabrück, Germany)

24-09-2019 from 16:00 to 17:00
Henri Dunantlaan 2, room 4.2
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Electrocortical correlates of the integration of immediate and delayed action consequences

When people make decisions or perform tasks, they often evaluate the resulting outcomes along a failure vs. success dimension. Hundreds of studies have investigated the neurocognitive mechanisms underlying such evaluation by using electroencephalography (EEG). In most of these studies, researchers recorded EEG signatures in response to very simple and often binary action outcomes (e.g., monetary losses vs. gains). However, how does the action monitoring system of the brain deal with more complex outcomes that encompass more than one consequence for the individual? In my talk, I will address this question by focusing on two very prominent event-related potentials, i.e. the Reward Positivity (RewP) and the Feedback Related Negativity (FRN). I will present some studies from our group indicating that the FRN and RewP are two sides of the same coin and reflect the integrated value of immediate and delayed outcome consequences. Moreover, our data indicate that individual differences in FRN/RewP responses to immediate and delayed consequences are stable over time and can predict differences in outcome-driven behaviour.  Altogether, our findings do not only provide new insights into the neurocognitive processing of failure and success but also have important implications for the future usage of FRN/RewP as individual biomarkers of outcome processing.