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First name: Stefaan
Name: Van Damme
Date of birth: 09/02/1976
Department adress: Henri Dunantlaan 2, 9000 Gent
Tel: ..32 (0)9 264 91 49
Fax: ..32 (0)9 264 64 89

Research group

Behaviour and Health

Current activities

I am a Research Fellow of the Fund for Scientific Research Flanders, working in the Department of Experimental-Clinical and Health Psychology at Ghent University in Belgium. In 2004 I completed my PhD which focussed on fundamental research to attention and hypervigilance to pain. My main interest is the application of (crossmodal) attention models and research methods to the field of pain. The aim of my current project, which has been awarded with an EFIC-Grünenthal Grant for pain research, is to investigate whether crossmodal mechanisms are involved in the processing of pain, and whether the experience of pain can be modified by crossmodal attention processes. Being a member of the research group 'Behaviour and Health' (Prof. Dr. Geert Crombez), I am also interested in clinical research to cognitive-behavioural factors maintaining chronic somatic complaints such as pain and fatigue. I am also associated with the research group 'Experimental Psychopathology' (Prof. Dr. Jan De Houwer), involving me in research to automatic processing of and cognitive biases to affective information.


Health psychology, pain, fatigue

Fundamental research to attention and hypervigilance to pain

Service at Ghent University

  • Coordination of the research lab of the Department of Experimental Clinical and Health Psychology

External service

  • Member 'Belgian Pain Society' (BPS): 2000-...
  • Member 'European Federation of IASP Chapters' (EFIC): 2000-...
  • Member 'International Association for the Study of Pain' (IASP): 2000-...
  • Member Research Institute 'Psychology & Health' (P&H): 2000-2004
  • Senior member 'Experimental Psychopathogy Research School' (EPS): 2005-...
  • Lectures for professional groups

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