Herbert Roeyers

Herbert RoeyersHerbert Roeyers is professor of clinical psychology on the domain of developmental disorders at Ghent University since 2004. He is director of the Center for Developmental Disorders and of the Autism Reference Center at Ghent University Hospital.

Together with his collaborators, he is studying autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD), learning disorders, and atypical development in premature children. His main research interest is the investigation of (early) social-communicative development in children with ASD and the clinical application of this work via screening and early intervention. He also has a special interest in the overlap and differences on the phenotypic and endophenotypic level between AD/HD and ASD.

He uses a variety of methodologies, including observational methods, eye-tracking and EEG/ERP and is involved in large-scale genetic studies. Since 2011, he also is the vice-chair of the European Cost Action: Enhancing the scientific study of early autism. He was the main supervisor of 20 completed doctoral dissertations. He is (co-)author of more than 180 publications in international peer-reviewed journals.





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