Marieke Vandecasteele

Marieke Vandecasteele
Marieke Vandecasteele

Marieke Vandecasteele       5/7/1989°

In September 2012 I graduated in Special Needs Education at the University of Ghent. After my graduation, I was drawn to the world of animation film. I started my own animation documentary project ‘Lode’s Code’, for which I received a scholarship from the VOCATIO foundation in May 2013.

Alongside my own film project, I was active in the social field as a personal assistant and a supporter of artists with special needs in the artistic workplace ‘De Zandberg’ (vzw. GroepUbuntu).

Since October 2014 I am working as an assistent at the Department of Special Needs Education UGent where I can continue the film project ‘Lode’s Code’ in the context of a doctorate. Professor Geert Van Hove and Elisabeth De Schauwer are my supervisor and co-supervisor respectively. It is an auto-ethnographic study about growing up with a family member with a disability linked with creativity. I also support students in exercises and dissertations about arts-based research and Disability Studies. 
To contribute to social services, I stay actively involved in the social-artistic practice.


Selected publications

Vandecasteele, M., De Schauwer,E., Van Hove, G. (2015), De korte weg van F., hoe film een participatief onderzoeksmedium wordt, Cultuur + Educatie, 15 (43),p.40-62.

De Schauwer, E., Van de Putte, I. Van Goidsenhoven, L., Blocmans, I. & Vandecasteele, M. (2017). Animating disability differently: mobilizing a heterotopian imagination. Qualitatitive Inquiry, 23(4), p. 276-286.

Vandecasteele, M., De Schauwer, E., Blockmans, I & Van Hove, G. (2019). Research through a camera lens: a rhizomatic search for Lode’s Code, Critical Arts- South-North Cultural and Media Studies, 33 (1), p.30-43.

De korte Weg van F , ‘De bewaker van het kader’, een ethische reflectie over het sociaal-artistieke veld. (videoportrait)

De Code van Lode (trailer) (videoportrait)


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