20th International Gentle Teaching Conference - The relation in support and care


17-18-19 September 2019 - Ghent (Belgium)

In Gentle Teaching, as well as in other support and treatment models and approaches, the (therapeutic) relationship is primordial when caring for and supporting persons in vulnerable situations. Therapeutic alliance and responsivity are crucial in establishing a safe living climate and chances opportunies to grow. According to the important role of relationships between clients and their social network, support staff, and the larger environment, “compassion” is incorporated as an alternative to the reactive and restrictive practices that used to be (and still are) commonplace in working with persons with complex needs. In Gentle Teaching, the central purpose is to nurture, teach, and sustain a sense of companionship, connectedness, and community in support and care.

CALL FOR PAPERS - We would like to invite researchers and practitioners to present clinical experiences, support methods, and research findings and views on the role of relationship in the broad field of support and care.

More information: Complete details about the conference (program, abstract submission, conference registration, etc.) is available on the conference website at https://gti2019.be/.