Phd defense Deborah Louise Sinclair

(22-04-2022) On Wednesday 20 April 2022, Deborah Louise Sinclair successfully defended her PhD thesis, entitled: "Recovery and substitute addictions in the Western Cape, South Africa: A multi-perspective approach" (supervisor: Prof. W. Vanderplasschen).

Deborah Louise SinclairIn this joint PhD research with the University of the Western Cape (Cape Town), Deborah investigated the prevalence of substitute behaviours and addictions among persons addicted to alcohol or illicit drugs in South Africa. Using quantitative and qualitative research methods in various settings, she documented behaviours (relationships, sex, etc.) and addictions (coffee, tobacco, gambling, etc.) that replace another addiction during the recovery process and their function. The conclusion is that substitute behaviours and addictions are not uncommon, both in early and stable recovery, and that more attention is needed for this phenomenon during treatment and the period following treatment.

We would like to congratulate Deborah on her doctoral degree!