Online course | Reaching Vulnerable Groups through Pandemic Policy



The online training course, “Reaching Vulnerable Groups through Pandemic Policy“, is now available in Coursera.
Through nine modules, the course will provide an in-depth reflection on social work in different contexts, hereby focusing on their needs, the way they have been influenced, and the different challenges that have occurred during the last two years.

This course was developed by Ghent University and the London School of Economics (LSE Department of International Development ) as part of the research project ‘Pan-European Response to the Impacts of the COVID-19 and future Pandemics and Epidemics’ (PERISCOPE Project ).

The training reflects on both research findings and testimonies from practitioners, focusing on changes and challenges that have surfaced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Attending the course, participants will be able to reflect on how different vulnerabilities are spelt out during the pandemic and learn how this in turn touches upon diverse social work fields.

The goal is to learn from the changes within these different contexts and ultimately derive key challenges that have surfaced, as well as some good practices that are sustainable over the long term and help shape social work contexts in the future.

Join us in learning from different practices and policies to organize sustainable social work in the future!