Perceptions of parents on their children's leisure time activity

PhD student: Annelore Van Der Eecken
Summary: Few studies have paid attention to the perspectives of parents on their children's leisure time participation. More research on this topic, however, is imperative as previous research has shown that parents have an important influence on their children's lifeworlds and affect their children's leisure. Three studies are planned: a quantitative study of the parents' perceptions on their adolescents' leisure time participation and associations with the home environment, using the JOP-schoolmonitor 2013 and the Participation Survey 2014; a quantitative study of associations between parents' perceptions of their children's leisure time and the actual leisure time activities of their adolescent children, using the JOP-schoolmonitor 2013; and a qualitative study of the parents' perceptions and how these are influenced by the home environment, using semi-structured in-depth interviews with parents of adolescents.
PhD in Social Work
Promoter(s): Ilse Derluyn, Lieve Bradt (Department Of Social Work and Social Pedagogy , Ghent University )
Starting date: August 2014