Urban education as a lever towards community building: A historical perspective

PhD student: Cedric Goossens
Summary: In comparison with rural areas, cities were and still are often confronted with an accumulation of specific problems and challenges (e.g., with regards to poverty, diversity and housing). Because of the fact that the essence of a city council lays literally in leading urban society in the right direction through the implementation of a specific policy, it can be expected that this urban policy tries to tackle perceived problems by defining them and by presenting specific interventions in a variety of policy domains. This doctoral study examines this relationship with regards to education. More specifically, the study raises the question how urban education is conceptualized and shaped in relation to, and acts as a lever for, community building. In order to answer this research question, I analyze the Ghent policy from the 1970s. Methodologically, I draw on archival research and oral history.
PhD in Educational Sciences
Promoter(s): Angelo Van Gorp
Starting date: October 2013