The integration of provision for families in relation to combating (child) poverty

PhD student: Dorien Van Haute
Summary: Poverty is a problem that is situated on different life domains. The current fragmented and categorical services are not responsive to complex needs, and the formation of integrated answers is put forward as a solution. In this research we explore in three municipalities how local actors shape these networks in order to realise the integration of provision for families in the combat against (child) poverty. This is situated on a local policy level and a social work level, where we investigate concrete interventions from within the network. In a second research question we want to see if this contributes to the quality of social provision as experienced by families in poverty. More specifically we also study the exchange of information within a network that is situated in a field of tension between sharing and protecting personal information of clients. This research is part of the INCh-project (Integrated Networks on Child poverty) in collaboration with UA and ULg and funded by Belspo.
PhD in Social Work
Promoter(s): Michel Vandenbroeck, Griet Roets
Starting date: July 2014