Participatory arts practices and the commitment to urban living. Between historical determination and (pedagogical) accountability

PhD student: Hanne Dewinter
Summary: Anno 2017, participatory art faces important challenges, not only in relation to the urban context as its intervention area, but also in relation to community and solidarity as its leading concepts. Processes of migration and pluralisation have altered the cityscape: superdiversity confronts us with a new reality. At the same time, the current condition of globalisation and pluralisation do not longer allow concepts of community and solidarity based on a normative consensus. Based on a multiple-case study in Brussels, this PhD will focus on the underlying perspectives on urban living from which participatory art practices emerge and how these practices (critically) relate to social relationships in our changing society? In that respect, participatory art is conceived from a twofold context of origin, uneasily balancing between a mainly local context of social cultural work on the one hand and a broader, more internationally embraced shift in contemporary arts on the other hand.
PhD in Educational Sciences
Promoter(s): Lieve Bradt
Starting date: February 2017