Outreach work as a practice of accessibility

PhD student: Hans Grymonprez
Summary: In this PhD. project, the paradoxical logic behind outreach practices will be questioned. Outreaching is deployed to give answers to problems of inaccessibility of social services. However, this seems to be realised in a policy context in which preventing people from accessing services is also an important idea. From a maximalist understanding of the right to social welfare, this residual logic is for several reasons problematic. The debate is restricted to managing access and promotes further division in subcategories. Concerning the evolution to outreach work towards homeless in the city of Antwerp, the question is how outreach work is related to prevailing logics in social work. Possibly, outreach workers question these logics but they might as wel confirm them.
PhD in Social Work
Promoter(s): Rudi Roose
Starting date: February 2013