Psychological wellbeing and resources for young refugees during armed conflict: spirals of loss and gain

PhD student: Julie Schiltz
Summary: This research project uses the Capability Approach as a framework to examine the wellbeing of young South Sudanese refugees in Northern Uganda. It focuses on the question of how young people can have more freedom to achieve what they value in their lives (i.e. capabilities). More specifically, we look at the role of resources, and personal, social and environmental factors that create opportunities and barriers to make use of these resources in the pursuit of wellbeing. The project also focuses on how ideas about wellbeing are shaped by the refugee condition and the space of the refugee setting. It seeks to understand how young people adapt their ideas of what they value in their lives to the context in which they live. The project adopts a longitudinal research design including both qualitative and quantitative methods, and draws on community-based and participative research.
PhD in Educational Sciences
Promoter(s): Eric Broekaert (Department of Special education, Ghent University), Ilse Derluyn 
Starting date: October 2014