Social work and poverty. Between recognition and redistribution

PhD student: Katrien Boone
Summary: It is pointed out in international debates that the strive for social justice in relation to poverty develops on the tension between a ‘politics of recognition’ and a ‘politics of redistribution’. These fields relate to each other in a complex tension: a one-sided emphasis on recognition carries the danger of neglecting questions concerning structural redistribution, and a one-sided emphasis on issues of redistribution ignores the need for recognition of and respect for people in poverty. This tension can’t be lifted in or resolved by social work, but demands practice that combines these perspectives. In this research we focus on the question what a pedagogy of poverty-reduction on this tension can involve. More specific, we conduct research in ‘Organisations where the Poor Raise their Voice’, where an analysis on the contributed perspectives, on the developed practices and on the actions of workers in the organisations is made.
PhD in Social Work
Promoter(s): Rudi Roose, Griet Roets (Department Of Social Work and Social Pedagogy, Ghent University)
Starting date: January 2013