Settling in Belgium. Unaccompanied refugee minors and how experiences before, during and after the flight impact their psychological well-being

PhD student: Malte Behrendt
Summary: This study focuses on the experiences that unaccompanied refugee minors have before, during and after fleeing from their home country, and how these experiences impact their psychological well-being. Forming part of the ERC Childmove Project, this dissertation zooms in on the minors who reach and stay in Belgium. Taking advantage of a longitudinal and mixed-methods design, the evolution of their well-being is investigated over a period of two years. More particularly, we aim to shed light on how different coping strategies are used to deal with the various sources of stress, differentiating post-traumatic stress and certain daily stressors in the current living environment. Advancing our knowledge about other factors relevant to this specific context, the relationship between coping strategies and social support are explored as well.
PhD in Educational Sciences
Promoter(s): Ilse Derluyn, Ine Lietaert (UNU-CRIS)
Periode of time: April 2017 - April 2021