Researching returnees’ political reintegration in the framework of Objective 21 of the Global Compact for Migration

PhD student: Rossella Marino
Summary: The Global Compact for Migration was adopted in December 2018 by the international community. It is the latest development of global migration governance constituting the international community's coordinated attempt to turn migration into an orderly and profitable phenomenon. Among the objectives composing the compact, and requiring subsequent national implementation, Objective 21 deals with the return of migrants to their countries of origin. The article includes a reference to "sustainable reintegration" occurring when returnees have mainly access to occupational prospects. This conceptualisation underestimates returnees' political participation. Starting from this "policy gap" and addressing the research gaps linked to the implementation of the GCM, this study will question the GCM's conceptualisation of sustainable reintegration by carrying out an analysis of the political participation of WestAfrican recipients of GCM-related return migration assistance programmes.
PhD in Social Work
Promoter(s): Ine Lietaert
Periode of time: October 2019 - September 2023