Community sport and social cohesion: A social work perspective

PhD student: Shana Sabbe
Summary: The enhancement of social cohesion has always been a key challenge in social work. More recently, social work practices are moving beyond classic approaches and are reaching towards (innovative) practices, that are traditionally not defined as social work practices. Community sport in particular is perceived as fitted to enhance social cohesion, given its socially inclusive approach on sport participation of socially vulnerable youth. Although in the state of the art literature, the contribution of community sport towards social cohesion is perceived as evident, there is some indistinctiveness regarding the following questions: Which notions of social cohesion are inherent to community sport practices? (1); How do community sport interventions contribute to social cohesion? (2); Why is community sport perceived as the ideal practice to enhance social cohesion? (3). This research, which is part of The Strategic Basic Research project ‘CATCH’, will focus on the above standing questions.
PhD in Social Work
Promoter(s): Rudi Roose, Lieve Bradt (Department Of Social Work and Social Pedagogy , Ghent University)
Starting date: January 2016