The malleable child. A social-pedagogical study of early interventions in families with deaf children

PhD student: Sigrid Bosteels
Summary: In this study we disentangle the contemporary Flemish case of neonatal screening and interventions in the life of deaf children and their family. The deaf, disabled or hearing impaired child has now become an object of public and medical-technological interventions. We will investigate taken-for-granted knowledge claims of predictability, control and malleability of differing conditions in young children. Methodologically, it draws from archival analysis to understand the socio-historical meaning of concepts related to the condition of deaf children. These insights are interpreted in the light of a phenomenological understanding of parent’s and children’s shared voices. This socio-pedagogical study underlines the importance of continuing to investigate and unravel the boundaries and connections between parent’s and children’s need for support and dominant societal conceptions of normalcy and health in childhood.
PhD in Social Work
Promoter(s): Michel Vandenbroeck, Geert Van Hove (Department of Special Needs Education, Ghent University)
Starting date: May 2010