Type 2: Elective course in framework of diploma contract

You have a diploma contract at a university of the Flemish or French Community. In the framework of that enrolment, you want to take up an elective course unit at UGent.

How to register

Send an e-mail to and add the following

  • Copy identity card (both sides)
  • Digital passport photo in Jpg format
  • Certificate of enrolment for the current academic year, stating for which programme of study you are enrolled at your home institution
  • Completed Registration form visiting student at UGent
  • Written permission from your home institution. The procedure for this permission is determined by the home institution
  • Written permission from the university's faculty: request the relevant faculty student administration (FSA) to complete the form (part 'Type 2 - Elective course unit').
    This request should consist of:
    • Copy of your curriculum at your home institution
    • List of course units you wish to take up, complemented by a motivation as to why you want to follow these course units.
The FSA will contact you from as soon as the request has been approved.

What to do after registration

Contact the relevant FSA

    • Mention your student number
    • List the course units you are taking up, so that your curriculum can be confirmed