Protein Technologies

Overview of the technologies UGent and VIB are developing to support and enhance biopharmaceutical development.

Recombinant protein production

  • Engineering of eukaryotic protein expression systems (Pichia pastoris, HEK293, CHO) - slide deck
  • GlycoDelete: glyco-engineering of recombinant proteins in eukaryotic expression systems
  • VersaTile platform: modular synthesis of (neo)functionalized biomolecules


    • ProteoGent – Intact protein analysis & mass spectrometry service center
    • Differential & PTM-based proteomics
    • Advanced proteomics analysis software tool: IONBOTTM

Protein interaction studies

  • Virotrap technology: protein-protein interaction complex isolation
  • CRISPR/Cas9-enabled affinity purification
  • Thermal profiling

Structural protein biology

    Fully integrated structural characterization of biomolecules and the functional complexes they reside in

Nanodelivery technology development

  • Focused around degradable (bio)polymers for active compound delivery in application fields such as immuno-oncology