Education in Communication Management

CEPEC members teach courses within the curriculum related to Communication Management, in both bachelor and master. These courses focus on the persuasive force of communicative messages.

Communication is a strategic tool employed by both profit and non-profit organizations in order to influence the knowledge, perceptions and behavior of stakeholders.

Special attention is paid to persuasive communication through new media, because they strongly change the way advertisers, companies and non-profit organizations communicate with stakeholders. (e.g., e-WOM, mobile marketing, e-commerce, advergames, crisis communication through social media, etc.).


Marketing Communication (bachelor 1)

Students will gain insight into the different steps of a marketing communication plan.

Advertising literacy.jpg

Consumer Behavior (bachelor 2)

Students will gain insight into the different factors that influence consumer decision making processes.

Consumption and happiness

Corporate Communication (bachelor 3)

Students will gain insight into how companies should communicate with their different stakeholders.



Hands-on Digital 2019

Hands-on Digital 1

Program Hands-on Digital 2020


Internship in a company

Students can opt for an internship in a company in Belgium or abroad.

For more information: contact Marc Dewilde.

Research internship

Next to this opportunity, students can opt for a research internship:

  • They become a member of the research group CEPEC and will be involved in the different research projects within the research group
  • They will help to develop stimulus material, gather data and write the results in an academic article. Next, they will assist in valorization of research results (by participating in and organizing events)
  • Further, they will learn how to write research proposals to get funding for research and will assist in the maintenance of the research website and communication strategy of the research group.

For more information: contact Liselot Hudders.