Digital Marketing (master)

Based on insights from both academia and business, students will get acquainted with the most important concepts, theories, strategies, tactics and tools used in the field of digital marketing. Attention will be paid to what ‘digital’ is, which values lie at the basis of digital culture, and what organizations need to do to be able to incorporate these values and be successful in the digital marketing field. Moreover, students will learn which emerging digital trends are fundamentally changing the way in which marketing works, and why there is a need for a new strategic model that takes into account the digital. Finally, students will gain insight in how such a digital marketing strategic model can be effectively organized and executed, and which digital tactics (e. g. website, social, mobile, search, content, and email marketing; data analytics) and social tools (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+) they can use to do so.

Lecturer: Prof. dr. Laura Herrewijn

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