Eight CEPEC members will present their research at ICORIA 2018

21-06-2018 22:00 to 23-06-2018 18:00
Valencia, Spain
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CEPEC members Carla Mingolla, Marijke De Veirman, Emma Beuckels, Hannelore Crijns, Serena D'Hooge, Laurien Desimpelaere, Melanie Verstockt and Steffi De Jans will present their research at ICORIA 2018 in Valencia.

The following presentations will be given by CEPEC members at ICORIA 2018 in Valencia on June 22 and 23:

Verstockt, M., & Hudders, L. (2018). How Spending on Luxuries Leads to Prosocial Behavior: The Role of Guilt Feelings in the Effect of Luxury Spending on Charity Donations.

Crijns, H., Cauberghe, V., Hudders L., & Buteneers, I. (2018). Twitter and Terrorism: Insights from a Quantitative Content Analysis of Tweets about the Attacks in Brussels, Belgium.

Beuckels, E., Hudders, L., Bombeke, K., Cauberghe, V., & Lapère, V. (2018). The Impact of Advertising Congruity and Dynamics in a Media Multitasking Context. . Presented at the 17th International Conference on Research in Advertising.

De Veirman, M., & Hudders, L. (2018). Disclosing Sponsored Instagram Posts: The Role of Material Connection with the Brand and Message-Sidedness when Disclosing Covert Advertising.

Desimpelaere, L., Hudders, L., & Van de Sompel, D. (2018). If you’re not Paying for it, You are the Product: Children’s and Parents’ Perceptions of Online Data Collection Practices for Commercial Use.

De Jans, S., Hudders, L., & Cauberghe, V. (2018). How an Advertising Disclosure Alerts Young Adolescents to Sponsored Vlogs: The Moderating Role of a Peer-based Advertising Literacy Intervention Through an Informational Vlog.

Mingolla, C., Hudders, L., & Cauberghe, V. (2018). Jumping on the Sustainable Bandwagon: An Experimental Study on the Effectiveness of Heuristics in a Self vs. Other Benefit Frame to Promote Pro-Environmental Consumer Behavior.

D'Hooge, S., Vyncke, P., Hudders, L., & Cauberghe, V. (2018). The Paradox of Negative Emotional Appeals in Commercial Advertisements.