Two new research projects on the impact of gambling sponsorships


Thanks to two new research projects, funded by FWO and BELSPO, CEPEC will be able to examine how people are affected by gambling sponsorships. The FWO project aims to examine how sports sponsoring is used as a vehicle by gambling operators, thereby contributing to gambling harms by influencing consumers’ gambling-related beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. The project takes into account the roles of sponsor moral appropriateness perceptions and team identification. The BELSPO project aims to examine how gambling sponsorships are impacting upon people’s gambling intentions and beliefs. More specifically, the research will focus on the link between sponsorships and gambling related harm among a young audience. A collaboration with Sciensano will enable us to examine the link between sponsorship exposure and (problematic) gambling behaviors among a representative sample of Belgians. This study will be complemented with experimental studies examining the underlying mechanisms explaining this relationship and a focus group study to examine how minors perceive those gambling sponsorships. The research will result in two doctoral dissertations and several valorisation trajectories.