Fiona Vande Velde


I obtained a Masters Degree in Communication Sciences, New Media and Society from Ghent University in 2013. In a consortium with CEPEC at the Department of Communication Sciences and the Laboratory of Parasitology within the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, I conduct qualitative and quantitative research towards improved communication strategies for a responsible use of anthelmintic drugs in ruminants, PARACOM. My project is funded by Flanders’ agency for innovation trough science and technology (IWT - FWO).

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PhD Project

My research is funded by IWT-FWO and involves an interdisciplinary research project to examine the effectiveness of communication strategies in stimulating a responsible use of anthelmintic drugs in ruminants.

Supervisors: Edwin Claerebout, Liselot Hudders and Veroline Cauberghe


+32 9 264 75 16

Salisburylaan 133, 9820 Merelbeke