'The colonial history of Belgium in Brussels' secundary schools' in MO*¨Magazine

(02-10-2018) Analysis by CIMS member Elke Mahieu

This journalism article investigates how Dutch-language secondary schools in Brussels are teaching youngsters about the colonial history of Belgium in DR Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. Although history teachers clearly want to make a critical view on colonialism a priority, it is merely an imperial narrative that dominates the material. This applies especially for the history handbooks that are provided (see also important work of Ineke Mok and Melissa Weiner regarding this). This clashes with the voices out of the diverse classrooms, who are asking for a more global and critical narrative in their history courses, that includes an African perspective and shows a less Eurocentric image of the African countries. ​

​The full article: https://www.mo.be/analyse/onderwijs-haalt-onvoldoende