CIMS Members Lies Van De Vijver and Sofie Van Bauwel at the next Pint Of Science


CIMS Members dr. Lies Van De Vijver and prof. dr. Sofie Van Bauwel will be giving lectures at the next Pint of Science in Ghent. 


When: 14-05-2018, from 18:30 to 22:00

Where: De Afkikker, Sint-Kwintensberg 52, 9000 Ghent

Language: Dutch




A good movie with a good drink? Sounds like a great night, right? We have this and so much more in store for you. Dive on the sofa with us and discover the difference between back in the days and today.


1# The history of the world in eight glasses

Professor Eric VANHAUTE - Ghent University

We travel through world history by drinking 10 drinks (figuratively... or maybe for real?). We tell their stories about several big steps in the history of humanity, about beer (the first agricultural cultures), about wine, coffee, thee, cacao, rum, coca cola... till water (bottled water, symbol of the commercialized and globalized 21st century).


2# Let's All Go to the Movies! European movieaudiences in the fifties

dr. Lies VAN DE VIJVER - Ghent University

Ghent is a movie city with a long history of majestic movie palaces, typical neighbourhood venues, engaged film clubs, socialist film screenings, international film festivals and the first multiplex cinema on the mainland. But was it also a European movie city? How unique was it to go to the cinema in the high days of the cinemas in Ghent and does this differ from the Italian or British experience of cinema? Or even the Swedish? During this lecture we will look at the film experience of the Gentian for the introduction of the television. The cinema landscape was lively and diverse, and film programming became increasingly specific to the character of the halls. The experience of a cinema night could differ from cinema to cinema and the choice for a movie night often had more to do with cinema than with the screened film.


3# Stereotyping and sexualization: about gender representation in the media

Professor Sofie VAN BAUWEL - Ghent University

Is the image of women and men in our media gender stereotyped and role-confirming? Are men and women portrayed in a different way? Are women more often portrayed as a sexual object and what are the mechanisms that work in this image formation.