Gender inequality in media and academia – presentations and panels at the ‘Media, gender and sexuality in contemporary Europe’ congress in Padua


Padua Congress Image 3The ‘media, gender and sexuality in contemporary Europe’ congress is organized every other year by the Gender and Communication section of ECREA.

Several colleagues from Ghent University were present: prof. Sofie Van Bauwel, dr. Sara De Vuyst, dr. Sander De Ridder, dr. Florian Vanlee, dr. Agata Frymus, Sofia Caldeira and Joke D’Heer.

The program of the congress represented the goal of the Gender and Communication section: to bridge the gap between communication studies and gender studies. It put interdisciplinary research forward with a focus on gender, sexuality and the intersectionality of identities.

As such, studies on gender inequality in media content were presented from the production side (e.g. media representation of certain groups) as well as the reception side (e.g. how do these groups perceive representation?).

Apart from research focusing on media content, a roundtable on gender and knowledge production in academia was organized by the Women’s Network. It emphasized several issues within academia, showing that gendered inequalities do not only apply to media production, but also harm the structures of academic knowledge production. The panel put forward a message of cooperation and solidarity in academic environments, as well as policy to address these issues.