Launch of the EU-funded ‘Adana Cinema Heritage’ project

(25-05-2021) CIMS member Daniel Biltereyst is proud to announce the launch of the EU-funded ‘Adana Cinema Heritage’ project.

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The official title of the project is ‘Dialogue for Cinema as Cultural Heritage: Identification, Recognition and Community-based Inventory of Cinemas as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Adana via Cross-border dialogue’, and it is funded by the EU CCU-II. This joint academic and civil society project on cinema history in the Turkish city of Adana is a collaboration of the youth and children’s rights organization Flying Balloon Children and Youth Association and the Çukurova University (Aydın Çam and Ilke Sanlier) in Adana in Turkey, and the University of Antwerp (Philippe Meers) and Ghent University (Daniel Biltereyst) in Belgium. 

The project promises to be extremely innovative in the field of film and cinema studies and media history at large, mainly because it brings in types of research and valorization which are profoundly rooted in civil society. Children and youngsters in Adana (and in a second order in Ghent and Antwerp) will be involved in data collection, analysis and valorization with regard to Adana’s rich cinema history.

The project will include the usage of surveys on Adana’s cinema’s history; oral histories on cinemagoing experiences; archival work on film exhibition places and spaces. Besides academic outputs like articles, reports, academic workshops and expert meetings, the Adana project will result into a digital platform mapping cinemas and memories of cinemagoing in Adana as a form of intangible cinema heritage; cinema history tours; the training of youngsters to become tour guides; and film screenings accessible for local communities.

For updates of the project, see the Adana Cinema Heritage website.

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