CIMS member Florian Vanlee successfully defended PhD


On May 29th, 2019, Florian Vanlee successfully defended his PhD dissertation, titled ‘Queer locale/Queerly local: Exploring Flemish LGBT+ televisibility, localized identity politics and peripheral queer television scholarship’ – which was supervised by Prof. Dr. Sofie Van Bauwel and Prof. Dr. Frederik Dhaenens. Departing from the challenges faced when engaging in queer television research in a television context outside of the United States, the dissertation offers both an empirical account of how sexual and gender diversity are dealt with in domestic Flemish television fiction and a critique of dominant methodological and theoretical discourses in the field of queer television studies. Hence, its aspiration has not only been to subject Flemish television fiction to queer television studies, but also to subject queer television studies to Flemish television fiction.