Dr. Lennart Soberon's PhD defense

(06-03-2020) Lennart Soberon successfully defended his PhD on March 3rd, 2020 at Ghent University.

On March 3rd, 2020, Lennart Soberon successfully defended his PhD dissertation, titled ‘Faces of Evil: Enemy Image Construction in the American Action Film’, supervised by Prof. Dr. Daniel Biltereyst (CIMS, Ghent University) and Prof. Dr. Gertjan Willems (CIMS, University of Antwerp). His dissertation offers an extensive analysis of how the action film genre constructs enemy identities and elicits antipathic forms of character engagement. By way of an extensive mapping of 180 action films within a 36-year period (1981-2016), enemy identities were coded and brought into relation with discourses on American imperialism and national security. Complementary, by way of several case studies, enemymaking was deconstructed as a set of representational strategies meant to frame enemy lives as ungrievable and their destruction as legitimate.

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