Prof. Daniel Biltereyst in new H2020 project REBOOT


RebootCIMS member Daniel Biltereyst is happy to announce that CIMS is involved as a partner in the new H2020 project REBOOT (REviving, BOsting, Optimising and Transforming European Film Competitiveness). REBOOT is working to give a unified answer from researchers, scholars and experts in the field through a 3-year project funded by Horizon Europe (2023-2026). It aims to connect the existing strengths of the European filmed entertainment industry, identify and overcome weaknesses, and plan for future competitiveness in the fields of film policy, practice and experience. The project will explore the industry to get the necessary answers about diachronic understandings of the ‘competitiveness’ and of the ‘European’ in the European film industry. It will look at the institutional context of the EU film industry, will work on the framings and strategies of cinema professionals and will contribute to the building of future competitiveness. 

REBOOT is headed by the University of Vienna (Prof. K. Sarikakis) in partnership with 11 universities (9 EU and 3 non-Eu countries). UGent is represented through CIMS, and the research center will be involved in most of the work packages, and take the lead in one of the historical research parts, more precisely the one dealing with key film industry stakeholders’ experiences of recent technological, policy, and cultural production changes in the EU filmed entertainment industries (1990s-2020s).


Learn more about REBOOT, here.