The State of Humanitarian Journalism: A Guest Lecture on International News Coverage about Humanitarian Crises

30-10-2019 van 10:00 tot 12:45
Academieraadzaal (Aula), Volderstraat 9, 9000 Ghent
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In this guest lecture, the internationally acclaimed Dr. Kate Wright (University of Edinburgh) discusses, based on a large international comparative project and from multiple perspectives, humanitarian journalism with a focus on Africa.


Kate Wright

“The State of Humanitarian Journalism: A Guest Lecture on International News Coverage about Humanitarian Crises”

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Humanitarian journalism plays a crucial role in how citizens, aid workers and international organizations around the world respond to emergencies and human suffering. Research on this journalism has tended to focus on establishing which topics and crises receive the most and least coverage. But researchers have not explored other important questions such as: how do different funding models for humanitarian journalism change the news that is produced? How do governments influence the international reporting of humanitarian issues? What news do citizens and aid workers want to see more of?

In this guest lecture, Kate Wright starts to answer these questions with data from a large scale, four-year multi-country study of humanitarian journalists, the news they produce, and the audiences who consume it. The recent study includes interviews with nearly 200 journalists, news managers and media funders as well as extensive newsroom observations. This included fieldwork in London, Geneva, Washington, Bangkok and Nairobi. In addition, Wright and her co-investigators completed major analyses of news content, and report on audience surveys with citizens and aid workers.

The lecture is open for the public and will be held on Wednesday 30 October from 10:00 until 12:45 in Academieraadzaal (Aula), Volderstraat 9, 9000 Ghent.

Dr. Kate Wright is the Academic Lead of the interdisciplinary research cluster in Media and Communications at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland). She studies the practices and political economies of international news and mediated advocacy, particularly humanitarian and human rights campaigning. Recently, Wright was a co-investigator on a global research project, funded by the AHRC, on Humanitarian Journalism.

In the course of this work, she studied major state-funded international broadcasters and wire agencies, as well as specialist outlets funded by private foundations. Further, Wright is the author of the monograph Who's Reporting Africa Now? Non-Governmental Organizations, Journalists and Multimedia (Peter Lang, 2018).

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