Cinéssential’s first film + debate series


Cinéssential logoThe Department of communication Sciences and the CIMS research centre are proud to announce the Cinéssential’s first film + debate series.
Cinéssential is a new film club at Ghent University, which aims at screening films that matter for discussing important societal and (geo)political issues.
Cinéssential’s first series is organized around the issue of ‘
Violence, Civil War & Ethnic Struggle’. The three screenings for the Spring Semester 2022 are:

  • FOR SAMA (2019) on 16 March at Filmzaal Plateau (Paddenhoek, 7 p.m.);
  • LES MISÉRABLES on 27 April at Filmzaal Plateau (Paddenhoek, 7 p.m.);
  • LUMUMBA, LA MORT DU PROPHÈTE on 16 May at KASKcinema (8 p.m.).


The screening of FOR SAMA on 16 March will be introduced by Salma Mediavilla Aboulaoula (Centre for Cinema and Media Studies/CIMS, Ghent U), followed by a debate with Brigitte Herremans (Human Rights Centre/HRC, Ghent U) en Alexandra Berger (Ghent Institute for International and European Studies/GIES, Ghent U). please register here:


You will find all information about the screenings at the dedicated event sites on Cinéssential | Facebook, including the fantastic film expert that will introduce the film, and the fascinating UGent researchers that will provide expert commentary afterwards to jumpstart an engaged debate with the audience.